Jean Baptiste Lully:Passacaille de Armide 歌劇“阿米達”歌劇選曲 帕薩卡雅舞曲


時間:2017年11月26日 26th November 2017
地點:嘉義文化局演藝廳 Chiayi City Concert Hall, Taiwan

Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) “Armide” (1686) Passacaille
盧利-歌劇“阿米達”歌劇選曲 帕薩卡雅舞曲

Jean-Baptiste Lully 盧利原名是 Giovanni Battista Lulli 來自義大利翡冷翠是法國路易十四太陽王的御用音樂家,雖然來自義大利,卻將義大利的音樂語法帶入法國,並為法國創立一個別具特色、可以榮耀國王的“法國音樂”,此後對整個歐洲的影響深遠,包括巴赫在他的作品中,也不難看出受法國音樂的影響。 古樂團演奏這首“帕薩卡雅舞曲”也是盧利作品中最有名的曲子之一。 這首舞曲選自歌劇 "Armide" 第一次於巴黎1687年的皇家劇院上演 Théâtre du Palais-Royal,1686.


 Created with the desire to develop knowledge of Early Music in Taiwan, Formosa Baroque had its first country-wide tour in March 2016. The ensemble is comprised of young musicians originally from Asia ( Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea...), who just finished their Early Music studies in some of the major music conservatories of Europe, performing on original instruments under the guidance of eminent musicians such as François Fernandez, Marc Hantai, Rainer Zipperling, Philippe Pierlot, François Guerrier, Marc Mauillon, Pierre Hantai….
 Since 2010 under the direction of Baroque flutist Yifen Chen of the Taiwan Baroque society, the orchestra became part of projects including Chamber music tours, masterclasses, a number of workshops specifically designed for a young audience to discover the richness of the Early music repertoire, and at the same time with the wish to see its continued growth in Taiwan.


Leader / 首席
François Fernandez  弗朗索瓦 · 菲南徳

Baroque Violin   金雲 Yun KIM  , 大下詩央 Shio OHSHITA,    
                            畑野達哉 Tatsuya HATANO,  張以利 Yi-Li CHANG
                            迫間野百合 Noyuri HAZAMA, 鳥生真理絵 Marie TORI                             
Baroque Viola    馬艷 Yan MA, 林文娟 Wen-Chuan LIN
Baroque Flute, Piccolo  馬克 · 韓岱 Marc HANTAI , 陳逸芬 Yifen CHEN
Baroque Oboe  博紀厚 Patrick Beaugiraud, 張端庭 Duan-Ting CHANG
Baroque Cello  瑞納齊布林 Rainer ZIPPERLING, 江佳樺 Chia-Hua CHIANG
Baroque Double Bass  馮洲 Zhou FENG
Baroque Bassoon 蔣皓任 Martin CHIANG
Harpsichord  弗朗索瓦 · 格里耶 François GUERRIER